No Underestimation, Rise in Persistence

dsc_0203The moment we underestimate ourselves, is unfortunately the same moment we entrap ourselves in focusing on someone’s progress in which we start to compare. When in reality, we shouldn’t care. If we are inspired, it should be just that; staying inspired. But if is anything else, we must look away. The very first moment we say we can’t achieve something is the moment we stop an opportunity of it ever happening.

Whatever we set inside our heads will be the outcome of our inner weakness. Achieve what you want. Let nothing stand in the way of you and your wish to achieve. Know your goals, remind yourself of them. As we discover our own strength, we will eventually look into our own expectations. If we live in someone else’s expectations of us, we will never go further. We should know what will work for us and figure out what must be done, that is when we start to master our own capabilities and become great. We all have the ability to become what we want.

So rise in persistence, sometimes you may feel like giving up, but the struggle is the wonder of our own strength. Reach your goals and maneuver around the obstacles. The mountain is only as big as you make it, we are the only thing that stands in the way of the mountain. Remember, it is your journey and no one else’s.
– Umm Naser

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