From the Heart of Another Sinner

Many of us believe that our past defines us. As a Muslim, you are told not to commit sin or engage in any haram behavior as it would lead you straight to Jahannam. In the past, I have allowed myself to become involved with someone, and the haram relationship had many twists and turns, and it became very evidently difficult to maintain. At some point I finally realized that it was because our relationship was not willed by Allah (SWT), and I made a decision that was very hard to make at the time. I want those of us who have been in a situation like this to understand from this poem that no matter what, Allah will never give up on you. He is the most Merciful, and He will absolutely forgive and take you back with open arms. All you need is faith.


I love you for the sake of Allah, but I love Allah more than I do you

And should you honestly feel the same, then maybe this love would be true

For now, we have greatly sinned, whether you believe or not

I find it time to seek my path, for in the past, I forgot

I forgot that I was a Muslim, that I was meant to worship Him and only Him

That to find true happiness, I was to look within

That if I wanted to rid myself of pain, I could surely look to Him

Because true love never hurts, when it is granted by Him

I assume you to be hurt, deeply, agonizingly so

For I have led you on so far to believe that I would never let you go

And within our time of love, I did betray you, and you know

And you went on to forgive me and say, “I love you so”

You’ve given me all you have, leaving for you, me, myself, and I

Depending on my love as the sun depends on the sky

So I am here to say, I still do love you dear

My heart is where I promise to always keep you near

I do apologize, as I cannot love you as you wish

The ignition of our spark is surely something to be missed

I will always be a call away, I could not tell you no

But do not ask to love me the way you wish to love me so

The reason simply being that this love we had was impure

And I cannot continue, for the pain I can no longer endure

I think it’s for the best, that we go our separate ways

It will hurt for quite a while, but we can get through this phase

We are old enough to see that our futures do not collide

And young enough to know that we still have our whole lives

I hope you understand, dear love,

For I wish for you the best

I’m surely grateful for your presence,

That I can contest

“Allah intends for you ease,

And does not intend for you hardship.” {2:185}

So I pray you find your path

For I’ll always think of you regardless


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