Ramadan Through my Eyes

I had one evolving experience and it gave my life a new purpose.
Before I turned 21, (I’m not telling how long back exactly because you
will do the maths and figure something out.) I had this new
enlightenment in me that set me out on a mission to learn and evolve
to be a better Muslim and most importantly, a better Muslimah.


I knew deep in my heart, I wasn’t practicing enough. I did what I have
to, about 80% of it, but I also knew that I could be better. That was
the year, I started donning the hijab for good. Alhamdulillah.
Back to what I’m here for, I want to share with you a “trick” that I laid
for myself every single Ramadan. I can’t express enough how much I
anticipate for Ramadan to come because that is, SubhanAllah, the
most beautiful month. A month where all Muslims are busy practicing
their deen and only pleasing The One – Allah swt.

In shaa Allah, as we are about to enter Ramadan, I hope that this deal could help you in a way or the other because masha Allah brothers and sisters, it has changed my life. Okay, I should quit beating around the bush.


Before the start of every Ramadan, I’d point to myself a trait that I
could stop or work on so that I could be a better Muslim. If you can’t
think of any drastic bad habit that you have, you could also think of a
good habit that you want to inculcate in your life and you have to do it
every single day, passionately, during the 30 days of Ramadan.

So for example, you could tell yourself that by the end of Ramadan 2019, in
shaa Allah, you want to be able to get into the habit of reading a verse
in the Quran every single day. If you have laid that out, you have
to make sure you do that during the month of Ramadan and after.
It may work differently for others but one month is sufficient for you
to turn something into a habit. In shaa Allah, a good one.

The first two weeks will be filled with laziness and contemplation for you to not do it but keep praying and ask Allah to open your heart and allow you to continue with this good deed because you are sincere about it. If I could sum it up in a few words: Just keep going!

That was where I stopped using profanities and reduced my time on
Social Media tremendously. Social Media isn’t an unhealthy
obsession, that all depends on how you use it, we can also discuss that
in another write up… but it allowed me to use my time fruitfully. I
could do things that would bring more positivity and productivity into
my life and Alhamdulillah, it has helped me love Islam even more.

Whenever you are about to do a good deed, to please
Allah swt, it will never be an easy task but ask yourself, at the end of
the day, you are pleasing The One who has been so Merciful on you.
Who’s Forgiving and has been Guiding you when you were lost so, is
this all worth it? A thousand times yes!

I hope that through this article that I have shared with you, it will help
you in a way or the other. I pray that may Allah swt be pleased with our deeds and allow us to complete this beautiful month of Ramadan. Ameen. Let’s keep each other in our duas sincerely and I hope to “meet” you in other write ups soon. In shaa Allah.

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