‘Tis the Season


The month of Ramadhan to me has always felt like a season. The same way we look forward to summer or spring, that anticipation, the build up and even the plans on how to spend it, that’s how I feel every Ramadhan.
It would be a bit hypocritical for me to say that I did not dread the challenges, especially when Ramadhan fell on the hotter months. I have always felt strangled and dehydrated and a lot of the times I was on the brink of breaking my fast at 10 am, but I always reminded myself of the build up towards Ramadhan and the anticipation and stuck through it.

This year, however, it feels different. The past year has been intense to say the least and I stopped practicing for a while, but the build up came about again and I didn’t prepare accordingly until early this year.

It’s pretty simple, Ramadhan always sparks a change that sticks with you for however long you allow it,  it could be praying salah on time or performing sunnah prayers regularly, even fasting sunnah after the month ends. This Ramadhan, however, in shaa Allah, I am preparing to turn a whole new leaf. One that I will live by even after the month is over.

Last year, salah felt like a burden to me and I slowly stopped, even the guilt was not there. My preparation for Ramadhan started with strengthening my salah and it has helped. I aways believed in the “21 days make a habit” and I’m now incorporating it into my character. This is something that I have been practicing, not only for the sake of Ramadhan but for the sake of my iman and therefore, it is something I intend to carry on doing.

Another thing was losing some habits like little white lies, always saying yes even when I should say no and avoiding speaking my opinion when not necessary. I noticed being opinionated about everything really leads to some harm like arguments, even insults and changing that has helped me so much.

It may not seem as much, but the tremendous effect these little changes have had on my daily life has been insane. Ramadhan is a season for me to just strengthen my iman even more and learn to fight my nafs harder than before.

May all your efforts, prayers and Duas be accepted. Ramadhan Kareem 🌜

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