Reasons Why Society Doesn’t Want You to Love Yourself

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Society has always had standards of beauty, status, happiness, and living. Over the years, it has only gotten worse and has been inflicted with men and women. If we really think about it, society can influence the struggles many people face. From developing insecurities, to suffering through depression, and facing other hardships that make an impact to one’s daily life.

The issue stems from this, why is society always the common denominator to how we view ourselves and the way we view/ live our lives?  If there wasn’t any standards to begin with, would we be more at peace? Can we change that and choose to just not follow them? Society wants you to fight against your own potential, and here’s why.

They Want You to Conform to Unrealistic Standards


The standards of success, beauty, and being just like the rest is something that society tries to make us believe that it helps us grow. When in fact, it is only damaging ourselves even more. Ask yourself, what is realistic and beneficial about the standards that you come across and are contemplating in meeting. Does it help you grow? Is it going to bring inner peace? Are you doing what matters to you, or them?

They Want You to Compete With Others


Comparing ourselves to other people across a spectrum of things only makes us take a few steps back. It leads to insecurity, envy, and feelings of unworthiness when we pick on the things we don’t have in people. When it comes to appearance, we forget that every single one of us is created beautifully different. No matter the enhancements or surgical procedures people do onto themselves, we forget to embrace and love the way that we are.

Comparing our success or lives to others causes disruption to our journey. We are walking on a path that is only meant for us, the circumstances and blessings we face is what makes our path of life unique. If it was for the sake of inspiration, it could be possible. But knowing that no one’s life is perfect is something important to realize. Comparing only destroys us, not elevates us. The only person we should compare and compete with is the person we were yesterday.

They Don’t Want You to Embrace Authenticity

It is no doubt that we have once witnessed or experienced trying to fit in. What could come with it is self dishonesty. Societal pressure is detrimental to the way we internally treat and love ourselves. It leads to not having standards for ourselves and trying to meet standards of our culture, community, and to the public overall. We have to remember to be true to ourselves and what makes us feel comfortable and at ease. If it takes to be the rare one out there, then be just that. Do not let society compromise your authenticity in a world that praises unoriginality.

They Don’t Want You to Say NO

Society loves a “yes” person, even if you want to say “no”. Be the person that wants to say “no” when they want you to say “yes”. They want you to be a people pleaser, if you stop that from happening, you will truly gain confidence in knowing where your worth lies. It will be you ignoring potential judgement from ignorant people who don’t know their own worth. Usually, people place their insecurities onto others, and this is one of those things. Feed your own heart and don’t be caught up in feeding the egos of people who don’t want you to embrace individuality.


Don’t let society win by loving a world that doesn’t want you to love yourself. You are the determination you want to achieve through your goals, the beauty that you embrace, and the love that you instill in yourself.

Keep striving, because self love is the best love.




Allia Dahmes






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